Weightwatchers Feel Good Café

The 'feel good' hit of the summer from Weightwatchers


As the world’s leading provider of weight management services with over 50 years of experience, Weightwatchers wanted to continue their commitment to providing a realistic and supportive approach to weight loss. A survey showed that half of all women confessed to having minimal knowledge on which foods they should choose when adopting a healthy eating routine. In response, Weightwatchers needed to show Brits that they don’t have to give up the food they love.


To help re-educate and re-connect with more health-conscious eaters, Weightwatchers created a targeted plan, with a month-long UK tour. And we had to help Weightwatchers  create a unique experience that would promote their FEEL GOOD range showing people that you don’t have to give up the food you love.


The pop-up Feel Good Caféwas created as a relaxed and informative experiential café serving up a menu of tempting and satisfying dishes and snacks throughout the day. Feel Good Café diners could tuck into a healthy variety of meals from this scrumptious menu, created using Feel Good Café products. All available to buy in supermarkets. The best thing about the Feel Good Café is that it didn’t cost a penny, the only way people could pay for the food was by posting a photo on social media. Visitors were asked to upload their picture with the hashtag #feelgood and invited to share how Weightwatchers made them feel.


Total campaign reach of 28 million
Over 70 pieces of editorial reaching over 1.4million on launch day alone

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