Victoria’s Secret

The rise, fall, and rise again of America's biggest lingerie retailer


Victoria’s Secret had originally built its global status, with their super slim models and hyper-sexualised persona of women, once a marketing recipe for success, now deemed tired, and out of touch with the modern woman. The greatest challenge facing such an iconic global brand like Victoria’s Secret was how to reconnect with an evolving audience and reforge their trust after losing relevance in recent years.


The company is currently overhauling its brand image and has abandoned its Angels for activists and entrepreneurs. Proving that unlike their previous image – one size does not fit all. This was our approach when creating a year of activities. We quickly realised that our approach had to become more personalised, inclusive, and structured around multiple sized brand experiences, that enabled us to break down the pre-conceived barriers. In order to help Victoria’s Secret create a brand shift in audience perception we created a series of initiatives that embrace the new core values of diversity and inclusion, championing all women.


We created a series of connected experiences throughout the year that all helped to reconnect with a modern audience.

The first stage was to get out on the street and reeducate as many people as possible. So, we reinvented an iconic vintage London bus, with elegant luxury interior to capture the new, more sophisticated brand aesthetic. By completely redesigning the bus interior we created private bra-fittings to highlight the expertise that VS have and raising the awareness that over 80% of women wear the wrong sized bra. The bus toured most major cities throughout the UK. During the summer period we partnered with Global Radio and created a sponsorship program for Capital’s Summertime Ball. A week-long radio campaign – mixing editorial, ads and multi channelled competitions – culminated in Wembley Stadium being transformed into a sea of VS pink on the big day.

To top the year off we held a series of bespoke in-store experiences ranging from gift wrapping to custom embroidery and Christmas themed photo booths.


80k attended Global Summertime Ball
15 cities, 5 Major events, 54 days, 175,000 products given away

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