TikTok Announces initiative to encourage education


After launching worldwide in 2018, TikTok – and its new generation of creators – were shaping a whole new genre of creativity. TikTok rapidly became the world’s fastest growing social media platforms ever, enabling users to film and share short videos. After originally growing its popularity with Gen X and Gen Zs, TikTok were keen to shake off the brand perception from older generations, that the platform is just for sharing dance routines and filtered selfies.


We wanted to shine a light on the brand’s more meaningful and positive impact, building on the growing community of education and learning. To do this, we needed to celebrate the very best of what has been learnt on TikTok, over the past year. In order to tackle this challenge, we needed capture the attention of none-users.


Collaborating with over 800 creators, the campaign included educators, experts, real-world skills creators and non-profits, that helped deliver #LearnOnTikTok content and tutorials. The hashtag #DidYouKnow, highlighted the most surprising, exciting and unexpected things we have learnt on TikTok. We collaborated with three emerging artists to create bespoke illustrations, that brought the #LearnOnTikTok campaign message to life.

Working with the landlords and councils of three major cities, to source the perfect locations for each activation. Each artist hand painted the artwork onto buildings creating mass impact that was impossible to miss and capturing the attention of a whole new audience.


3,150,340 real life viewers
191 billion hashtags used worldwide

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