T.K.Maxx Christmas Campaign

Delivering the ultimate white Christmas for winning families


For large parts of the UK, one of the biggest concerns for many families over Christmas is whether it will be a white one! For a family conscious brand like T.K.Maxx, this quickly became a personal concern of theirs too. The trouble was however, although they were a global brand with almost 2000 locations worldwide, they unfortunately had no control over the weather.


As we had already successfully launched several store openings, we were approached by T.K.Maxx as the natural choice to try and make this ambitious idea a reality. Whilst we knew it wasn’t possible to blanket the whole country in snow, we were confident we could at least change the lives for a few families.


Across multiple T.K.Maxx stores and online in the UK and Europe, were left special hidden ‘snow globes’. These were no ordinary snow globes. Anyone that discovered one would instantly win an ‘Actual White Christmas’. The 28 winning families, a hospice and a school, were then greeted over Christmas by a team of T.K.Maxx elves, complete with snow blowing bazookas. They transformed each location with enough snow to invite friends and neighbours around for a cheeky snowball fight. This activation-led campaign was beautifully filmed by Weiden + Kennedy and instantly became a Christmas hit.


Infiltrated over 30 stores across Europe
Toured the country to makeover 28 houses, one school and a hospice with real snow

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