Keeping Europe Safe in the Midst of a Pandemic


In 2020 Dettol were faced with a very unique business challenge. A global pandemic meant that the world looked to them as a trusted brand to keep people protected and hygienically safe. We were approached by Dettol to create an agile and reactive response to get as many Hand Sanitisation samples to those key workers and commuters that had to keep working.


As lockdown restrictions began to lift there were still high cases of covid prevalent in the UK and Europe, with ongoing uncertainty and apprehension from the public about going out. We developed a campaign that was designed to hit the ground running, take minimal fuss to activate and give Dettol the much-needed awareness that they are the most trusted brand to help keep our loved ones safe.


Our simple yet innovative solution was to build brand trust by getting the product safely in to the public’s hands at major commuter stations throughout key European cities. We designed a smart vending dispenser that minimised personal contact, fully applied to the recommended safe distancing measures and created a positive disruption to journeys. Partnering with Transport for London allowed us to become a trusted part of every commuter’s journey, delivering free hand sanitisers to help keep infection rates down. Within a few weeks we had helped to take the campaign too similar commuter stations in France, Belgium and other European countries. Ensuring that our aim of keeping everyone a little bit safer was available for as many people as possible. The campaign was promoted on Campaign’s weekly roundup and received an extremely positive reception from the public to the activation format, brand and product being sampled.​


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