Dettol Tru Clean Kitchen

Dettol launch 100% plant-based pop-up kitchen


Ever since the 1930’s Dettol have protected us and our loved ones in hospitals and our homes. Today, Dettol are the world’s leading hygiene brand trusted by millions. One of the more recent challenges for hygiene brands has been how to create antibacterial products that have a much lower impact on the environment by using safer, less harmful chemicals. Consumer choices are changing, and they are now looking for natural, plant-based ingredients in their products.


In 2020 Dettol launched a new range of surface cleaning products – Dettol Tru Clean Kitchen. A product made with a plant-based active ingredient that kills 99.9% of bacteria. Dettol approached us to create a brand experience that would showcase the product in a natural environment and pave the way to demonstrate Dettol’s changing sustainability credentials.


To achieve the objectives set out, we created a 100% pop-up plant-based restaurant. Located at the incredible Violin Factory in London, we designed a bespoke space that centred around a wide-open kitchen, enabling us to showcase the Tru Clean range in its natural and relevant environment.

We teamed up with celebrity chef Miguel Barclay, famed for his ‘One Pound Meals’ to curate a vegan menu specifically for the event. This featured both plant-based dishes from his book One Pound Meals and new dishes designed for the experience. Over two days we invited 80 guests, including influencers, competition winners, press and members of the public to sit back and enjoy a bite of either lunch or dinner with us.


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