Audi AreA1 Showroom

Audi disrupt London with futuristic showroom


Launching a new car can become increasingly more difficult to create disruption. So, when Audi launched the A1 they took a more ambitious approach. As a consistently forward thinking and innovative brand, Audi were determined to launch the A1 across Europe in an equally innovative fashion.


The Audi AreA1 Roadshow launched in Barcelona in partnership with contemporary architects Schmidhuber + Partner. Their bespoke architectural concept projected a high value message, presenting the new Audi AreA1 in intricate detail as it targeted the young, urban crowd.

And so when we were approached to launch the Europe-wide marketing campaign within the UK, we knew we had to create an Area1 Roadshow that offered more than just a showroom.


We brought the unique concept to London’s Leicester Square where a spectacular Audi A1 painted by Damien Hirst was on show, and later went on to be auctioned at Elton John’s White Tie and Tiara ball.

An augmented reality experience also allowed guests to view a miniature A1 at any angle and obtain vehicle specifications at their fingertips. After the huge success at Leicester Square, we then took it to Goodwood for the final stage.


More than 4000 leads were generated
Exhibited a one-off Damien Hirst d A1

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