Brand experiences that spark real moments

Our Goodwood Festival of Speed was the perfect backdrop to showcase the beauty and power of Rolls-Royce Black Badge.

Connecting with your audience and nurturing that relationship with the next generation of brand fans is crucial. And brand experiential marketing offers a truly unique opportunity to do this because one-to-one communication and the chance to participate intimately with the brand can be one of the most powerful ways to engage.

When executed well, brand experiences form lasting memories with your audience, which means they’re way more likely to share their experiences on social. And the drive to sales can increase exponentially too.

The power of a positive brand experience
Our highly successful Rolls-Royce’s activation at Goodwood Festival of Speed was a case in point. Consumers stepped into a quintessentially English garden before sitting back in the new Black Badge, fully immersing themselves in the rich heritage of Rolls-Royce.

The award-winning brand activation was not only the fan favourite event of Goodwood but it also helped secure a highly successful year for Rolls-Royce.

Experiential pushes what’s possible with OOH

We moved outside the rectangle of traditional OOH to create 3 mega, Cannes-nominated billboards

Out-of-home media, whether static or digital, connects with customers in the real world. And done well, can prove incredibly successful.

26% of people visited a store as a result of engaging with an OOH ad.
What’s more, if you add an experiential or interactive element to OOH, you get an even more powerful engagement. Outdoor projection mapping, fly posters, street murals and experiential billboards all deliver more interactive and memorable campaigns.

We took TikTok to the streets … and Cannes
To maximise engagement for their Learn on Tik Tok campaign ENERGY co-created 3 mega murals in 3 cities across the UK. The humorous yet educational designs, featured fun facts that played into the iconic site locations. And got the exact attention we were looking for, from our audience …and the judges at Cannes.

Virtual and
digital firsts

We delivered the never been done before 5G powered VR Race Track with OnePlus.

Not surprisingly, 2021 hugely impacted the events landscape. Live experiences had to transform to virtual formats overnight. And the future for brand experiences has shifted from single-use touchpoints to hybrid experiences available and accessible to everyone.
Digital experiences that offer unique and shareable opportunities help brands cut through the noise.
Technology has always formed a symbiotic relationship with brand experiences. Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, gamification, live streaming, projection mapping and virtual platforms all make an experience more interactive and memorable. 
OnePlus led the way during the 2019 Retail Roadshow
As an innovative tech brand we had to land a consumer experience that did our product justice. And that’s exactly what happened. We launched the new 5G enabled OnePlus 7 Pro by creating a world-first 5G virtual drift racing track using hyper accurate simulated 5G handsets with a Fluid AMOLED screen to demonstrate the speed and instant reaction capabilities with zero latency. We went for mind-blowing and we delivered it. 

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